The insurance of being well refunded, and quickly

We know that going through an insurance claim, so we do everything we can to make sure you can move on quickly.
Breathe, this will all be in the past very soon.

Managing a claim has never been easier

Follow the progress of your claim in real time on the app. Contact our customer service 7 days a week whenever you have a question.

A disaster? No need to panic. We've got you covered.

We put the best of human expertise and digital tools at your service.

Select an example of a claim

  • General case
  • Water damage
  • Burglary
  • Glass breakage

Claim report

Describe what happened via the application: this is how you report a claim.


Damage report

Film the damage to help our experts assess the amount of damage.


Adding invoices

If necessary, include photos and invoices of the damaged goods with your report.



You will receive your compensation on average twice as fast as with a traditional insurer, by bank transfer or instant Lydia transfer.

Download the app to file and manage your claim at your fingertips

Someone you can talk to, just for you

You have better things to do than explain your entire file to each person you deal with. At Luko, your file is followed by a single manager throughout the process. Got a question? You can contact your claim manager directly at any time via the application.

We honestly have no interest in not paying you back

Traditional insurers

Except for mutual insurers, many traditional insurers do not distinguish between management expenses and provisions for claims. Compensating policyholders is not in their best interest because it cuts into their profits.


Refunds and potential profits


At Luko, we don't make profits from your contributions: our management costs are fixed part of our finances and the remainder is placed in a common pot used to reimburse the claims of our policyholders. No conflict of interest, the money not used is given back to charities.

This is the Giveback, your guarantee to being correctly reimbursed.


Reimbursement of claims and givebacks to partner organizations in case of surplus

Management fees

Looking for simple and effective insurance? You've found it.