Insurance for electric scooter and other new e-vehicles

A simple and transparent insurance for your electric scooter or any other urban electric vehicle. Protect your ride and your freedom!

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Our guarantees

We have brought together in our product all the essential guarantees to protect you and your vehicle in any situation.

As a reminder, in France it is now compulsory to be insured when driving an electric scooter or vehicle (décret n° 2019-1082 of 23 October 2019) and this cover is not necessarily included in your home insurance.

Customise my guarantees
  • Personal accident

  • Collision damage

  • Public liability

  • Theft and material damage

  • Criminal defence

  • Storms and natural disasters

And also the guarantees technological catastrophes and terrorism, vandalism, etc.

Which vehicles are insured ?


Mini-scooter et other boosted two-wheels

Boosted Board

Hoverboard et other surfing devices


Gyropode et crazy other monowheels

From €3.30 per month

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