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Less expensive

From 3,5€ per month

Get reimbursed twice as fast

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Customisable contracts without commitment

  • Water Damages

  • Fire and Explosion

  • Disasters and Storms

  • Civil Liability & Criminal Defense

  • Theft and Vandalism

  • Broken Glass

  • Locksmith assistance

And of course, all the minimum legal warranties are included !

A la carte Options

A la carte Options

With Luko, you are in control. You tailor your policy to your situation and needs, so you don't pay for unnecessary coverage.


Insure your box, garage or cellar, as well as the goods stored there (it would be a shame to waste good wine).


Don't forget to add your jewelry, paintings, luxury watches and other precious items to your cover.

Scholar insurance

Insure your little ones during their school and extracurricular activities.

Refund new valuables

All your goods less than 5 years old will be reimbursed as if they were brand new, without taking into account their age.

All you need to know about Home Insurance

Are you moving into a new home? Have you been living there for a while and are taking stock of your bills? In both cases, home insurance is a must. But it's not the easiest thing to understand! Is it mandatory? What are the guarantees to subscribe to? How much does it cost? And in case of a problem? We explain everything you need to know to be well covered by your home insurance and have peace of mind.

An insurance adapted to your situation

As its name indicates, home insurance is used to insure your home. In concrete terms, this means that in the event of a disaster - an accident causing damage - the insurance will be there to support you, compensate you and/or restore your home. In order to offer you a complete coverage at a fair price, different protections exist depending on your profile:

  • Home owner insurance
  • Home insurance for tenants
  • Home insurance for students
  • Non-occupying owner insurance

But also according to your type of housing:

  • Home insurance
  • Apartment insurance
  • Roommate home insurance
  • Second home insurance

And for buildings, we also offer a complete protection:

  • Condominium and building insurance
  • Insurance for rental properties and investment properties
  • Multi-risk building insurance (MRI)

What is the best coverage for you ?

Coverage table

Warranty Minimum legal coverage Extended coverage

Civil liability

Criminal defense and recourse

Water damage and seepage

Fire and explosion

Storms and natural disasters

Technological disasters and terrorism

Relocation and emergency repairs

Theft and vandalism

Glass breakage

Locksmith repair

Reimbursement of replacement value

en option

Exterior fittings

en option

en option

Is home insurance mandatory?

Obviously, insurance only comes into play the day you have a claim. And even though you may never have one in your life, which we hope you won't, it would not be wise to do without it. Indeed, the amounts involved in the event of a claim can be very significant, which is why the law provides for many cases in which home insurance is mandatory.

You are a tenant

Your home is... The insurance is... Required guarantees

An empty rental


Rental risks

Furnished rental


Rental risks

A shared rental


Rental risks

A dwelling occupied free of charge


Rental risks

A seasonal rental


A company dwelling


You are an owner

Your home is... The insurance is... Required guarantees

In co-ownership


Civil liability

A single-family home


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is home insurance mandatory?

    Yes, if you are a tenant or a co-owner of a property

  • How do I subscribe online?

    It's super simple! All you have to do is answer a few questions on the Luko website and you can be insured in under 2 minutes. With a traditional insurance company the process is often longer and you'll usually need to make a phone call or email some documents. Thankfully, processes are becoming more and more digital.

  • How long does it take to get compensation or repairs done?

    It depends on the claim! In the case of a burglary, compensation can be very quick, whereas in the case of water damage, you have to wait for the walls to dry out, which can take several weeks or even months. On average at Luko we pay you back twice as fast as other insurance companies and we send a tradesperson to do the repairs within 2 days.

  • How do I cancel my home insurance?

    Most insurances make you commit for one year from your joining date and then you have to give one month's notice of cancellation from the date of receipt of the registered letter if you want to leave. When you are insured with Luko, you can cancel at any time without giving any notice. All it takes is a simple click in your personal account area.

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