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Flat insurance

You live in a flat and you are wondering: what is the purpose of home insurance? Is it compulsory? Find all the answers and the guarantees adapted to your home.

Home insurance

Whether you live in a detached house, a condominium, or a chalet in the mountains, insuring your home allows you to protect your real estate capital as well as the members of your household against the hazards of life.

Secondary home insurance

You can leave your secondary home peacefully: Luko gives you all the details on the guarantees you need to know to protect your haven of peace.

Landlord insurance

The landlord's insurance covers you when you own a rental investment. It is the insurance suited for you if you are a landlord or if your property is unoccupied.

Building insurance


An insurance dedicated to condominiums and rental buildings owners to cover the building the owners (including the landlord insurance) and even the civil liability of benevolent property managers.

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