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Flat insurance

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Cover your flat with 100% online insurance: finally clear, efficient and flexible.

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up to 30% savings per year

on average, for those who switch to Luko

100% transparent

At Luko, 30% of premiums cover our teams and costs, the remaining 70% cover you in case of a claim.

0 headaches

Goodbye, paperwork! Manage your contracts and claims in 3 clicks.

  • Water Damages

  • Fire and related risks

  • Disasters and storms

  • Civil Liability & Criminal Defense

  • Mortgage refund

  • Theft and Vandalism

  • Broken glass

  • Locksmith assistance

  • Electrical Damage

  • Pests

As many options as you want

Flexible options

With Luko, you are in control. You tailor your policy to your situation and needs, so you don't pay for unnecessary coverage.


Insure your box, garage or cellar, as well as the goods stored there (it would be a shame to waste good wine).


Don't forget to add your jewelry, paintings, luxury watches and other precious items to your cover.

Scholar insurance

Insure your little ones during their school and extracurricular activities.

Replacement as new

All your goods less than 10 years old will be reimbursed as if they were brand new, no matter how old or used they are.

Temporary rental

Did you come across the wrong temporary tenants? Don't panic, we also cover up to 10 000€ of damage and theft caused by your temporary tenants. You are also covered for civil liability and we compensate your loss of rent if your property becomes uninhabitable following a damage covered by your contract. And this works for all rentals of less than 90 days, regardless of the platform you use.

Outdoor facilities

In case of damage, we cover all the beautiful furniture you have installed on your balcony or terrace.

94€ per year+30% 123€ per year+38% 130€ per year+44% 136€ per year+75% 165€ per year+78% 168€ per yearLes Furêts, September 2022
Les Furêts, September 2022

Frequently asked questions

  • Is flat insurance compulsory?

    Yes, if you are a tenant. If you are a landlord, you are required to insure your flat if it is in a condominium building, but not if it is in a mono-property (if you own all the flats in the building).

  • Who has to insure a rental flat?

    As a tenant, you are free to take out the home insurance of your choice. As an owner, you can take out insurance in the name of your tenant. However, the tenant is free to request that you cancel that insurance, so long as they provide you with proof that they have taken out insurance elsewhere.

  • Landlord : do you need to insure your flat?

    Whether you are an owner-occupant or landlord, the same legislation applies: you are obliged to insure your flat if it is in a condominium building.

  • How much is the deductible?

    The deductible can be adjusted according to your needs. The amount ranges from €75 to €475.

  • What documents are required to insure a flat?

    Forget about documents, at Luko there is zero paperwork. In a traditional insurance company, you would have to provide bank account details, a copy of your ID, a copy of your rental contract for tenants, and sometimes proof of income.

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