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Discover the no-brainer insurance for your home: clear and flexible contracts, twice as fast refunds, and a 100% digital and transparent model.

You're in good hands

2min on the clock

Clear and flexible contracts, 100% customizable online, get insured in a few clicks. And termination is handled by Luko.

365 days a year

A question about the guarantees or contract? Our teams answer you every day (even on Sundays).

2x faster refunds

A problem? Report it on the application and we'll offer you the right solution before you've even said "wow".

You're in good hands

Our commitments

To achieve our ambitions of providing useful and fair insurance to everyone, here are our commitments to you.

  • A fair price

  • A transparent model

  • 5-star service

Want to know where your money goes?

The traditional insurance model is built on a conflict of interests. The less they compensate your claim, the more money they make. We don't agree with that way of doing things, and prefer a far more transparent model.

  • 30% of your premium is dedicated to Luko's management costs.

    Customer service, claims management, innovation, etc.

  • 70% is pooled with our other members’ premiums.
If you ever file a claim, that pool will be used to compensate you.

  • If there’s money left at the end of the year, it’s donated to the charity of your choice.
    It doesn't increase our profits. That's just not how we like to work.

We're here for you

Do you have a question about your coverage or your contract? Our advisors are available on chat or by email from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and from 9am to 8pm on weekends. Do you have a problem at home? Report it on the Luko application and a dedicated manager will take over to find you the solution you need.


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Customer service

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