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Easily cancelling your French home insurance

So that it all (finally) becomes a pleasure.

Did you know this? Since the 1st of January 2015 you can easily cancel your home insurance thanks to the Hamon law (law n°2014-344). However, only 15% of French people have already made use of this new law according to an Odoxa survey.

How does it work in practice? How does this impact you?

In this article, we will analyse for you, the law and the termination process, so that it all (finally) becomes a pleasure.

What you need to keep in mind

1. The Hamon law allows you to cancel your home insurance at any time after a 1 year commitment period ✅

2. Your insurer is then required to reimburse you for the overpayment if you paid subscription fees in advance 💸

3. At Luko, we take care of all the formalities for you if you choose to join us ✌️Luko dusts off traditional insurance to make it simple, transparent and most importantly, really useful.

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What is the objective of the Hamon law?

The purpose of the Hamon law is to protect the consumer by making it easier for him to terminate his insurance contracts.

It applies to home insurance which, as a reminder, is mandatory for all tenants and highly recommended for landlords.

What was it like before the Hamon law ?

Before, it was....complicated 🙄

The contracts were tacitly renewed every year and it was not possible to interrupt them during the year. It was necessary to wait for the anniversary date of the contract.

The insureds therefore had to:

  • Remember the expiry date of their contract
  • Know the notice period (2 months most of the time) off by heart
  • And do the process on time: send a paper mail, find the right address for the termination service, send a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, etc.

Otherwise the contract was automatically renewed. And there it goes again for another full year of commitment.

📚 2008, first step forward with the Chatel law

This law was the first step in giving the power to the consumers. It required insurers to notify their insureds annually that their anniversary date was coming and that they were entitled to terminate. A good way to remember!

Especially since, if the insurer forgets to send you this famous letter (or email), you are entitled to terminate without notice. Pretty practical.

And now how does it work with the 2015 Hamon law?

✌️ Free-dom. With the Hamon law, you can cancel your home insurance at any time after your first year of subscription.

And this, without financial prejudice.

Concretely: you are legally binded to your contract for one year and, tacitly, the latter will be renewed from year to year. You are then free to terminate it at any time.

🔎 Some subtleties...

The right of withdrawal. During the first 14 days following the signing of your home insurance contract, you have the right to cancel at any time. Without justification or notice. This is the legal withdrawal period.

There exist special cases whereby you can terminate your home insurance before the end of the first year. These must be legitimate reasons such as:

  • The sale of the apartment
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Death, etc.

Cancelling your home insurance instructions

If you are not at Luko's

  • Check the notice period for terminating your insurance
  • Write your termination letter (you can find models here depending on the situation and your insurer)
  • Send it by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the address indicated by your insurer
  • You will no longer be covered by your insurance 1 month after receiving your letter.

👼 At Luko, we take care of the termination for you. Whatever the situation.

Simplified procedure with Luko

At the end of the subscription process, we will ask you:

  • The name of your insurance
  • The number of your contract

🌴 Nothing more to do on your side after this step: we take over with your former insurer.

Be aware that during the transition, you will never be without coverage or double coverage. We take care of the permanence of your guarantees.


🤔 What if I had paid for my insurance in advance?

🤔 Do I lose money by leaving before the birthday?

No, of course not! Your old insurance will reimburse you on a pro rata basis for the months not used. By check or bank transfer, it's the law.

Don't wait any longer, finally choose a simple, transparent and intelligent insurance with Luko 💙