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Keep cool by saving energy (and money !)

Our best tips for keeping the heat off this summer (and saving money at the same time).

You already feel the summer heat, right? Your home can feel it too! 

Here are some kick tips to keep your nest cool while saving energy and  money on your electricity bills. All you need are a few simple lifestyle changes at home and in your daily routine.

Replace your traditional light bulbs with LEDs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs emit up to 90% of their energy as heat while energy-saving light bulbs, on the other hand, convert 90 percent of the energy they consume into light. Switching to LED bulbs will keep you cooler, and the investment will pay off as your electricity bills drop.

WARNING: Take your old bulbs to a recycling station at a market close to your Home. Mother nature will be two times thankful for the eco-gesture.

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Boost your fan 

Electric fans can be a lifesaver. Consume 2.5 less energy than individual  air conditioning (ADEME). Which means prepare your pockets if you are considering a new machine, cause your bills are about to get high.

If you need to cool down faster? Pump your fan by placing a bowl of ice and cold water in front of the blades or column of your fan so that the air passes across it. This will scatter icy water droplets across the room, improving cooling and humidity of your home. You get 2 for one without extra cost!

There you have it: a homemade, do-it-yourself air conditioner!

But if A.C is still on your mind, make sure to put Energy efficiency as high-priority when comparing models. You won’t regret this tip in the long term. 

Don't forget to turn off the fan when leaving or better still if your fan has a timer, it is a better way to make sure it's only turned on when needed, saving you money.

WARNING 2: If your house is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Well you probably have a very inefficient home. Which is costing you quite a bit of money! Try checking the subventions available for home renovations. Maybe what you need is just a better isolation that will do the trick for both summer and winter.

Ventilation & shade

News flash, your home also needs shade and fresh air. During the day: Block out the sunlight! Your windows let in about 30% of the heat you don't want? By using curtains, installing shades or tinted window film, you keep your rooms from heating up too much and save up to 7% on cooling expenditures. Curtains that are insulated will help you save even more money on your heating and cooling bills.

Night: allow the cool night air to enter.

As the sun drops, temperature also tends to get low. Use these rejuvenating hours to your own advantage by cracking the windows and letting all the breeze come in. You may even build a wind tunnel by strategically arranging your fan to create the ideal cross breeze. Just make sure the windows and blinds are closed before it becomes too hot in the morning.

Nature is also your friend

If you have the space, place trees and other plants in such a way that their shadow falls on the home and protects it from direct sunshine. Green Roofs can also generate a massive isolation, besides looking amazing and making your neighbours just a bit jealous.

Use the heat in your favour

Like instead of using the dryer, just let your clothes dry naturally, humidifying and chilling your home. Unplug devices that are not being used. As you know energy also manifests as heat, keeping them off might help a bit.

If you try any of those, you can monitor the improvements on your energy consumption at the Luko App (available on iOS and Android), by connecting your Linky. We will help you keep track of your consumption, so that you can check what actions work best for your home!