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  • Civil liability

  • Water damage

  • Fire

  • Theft and vandalism

  • Criminal defence and appeal

  • Glass breakage

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Frequent questions

  • Why purchase comprehensive home insurance?

    A comprehensive home insurance allows you to be optimally covered in the event of a claim: the insurance will reimburse you for the damaged goods and compensate you for the damage caused to your home. This is a real plus for your peace of mind.

  • Is this mandatory?

    Having home insurance is compulsory if you are a tenant or a condominium owner. Only owners of individual houses are not legally required to be insured, although it is strongly recommended. Comprehensive insurance goes beyond the legal minimum as it offers more extensive cover.

  • What is the difference with home liability?

    When you insure your civil liability, you are covered if you cause unintentional damage to other people or their property. However, you are not covered if you have a claim that damages your home or property: civil liability does not cover your own belongings.

  • What types of claims are covered by comprehensive home insurance?

    The comprehensive home insurance covers civil liability, criminal defence and appeal (in the event of legal action), water damage, fire, natural disasters and storms, technological disasters and acts of terrorism. By subscribing to the "Peace of mind" formula at Luko, you are also covered for acts of theft and vandalism, glass breakage, locksmith's breakdown assistance and emergency re-housing assistance.

  • How do I estimate the value of my belongings?

    The easiest way, if you have kept the invoices for your goods, is to add them up. In the (frequent) case where you have not kept the invoices or receipts, you can look up the approximate value of your belongings on the internet. If they are valuable objects, don't hesitate to have them appraised by an expert in order to know their precise value. In any case, it is better to slightly overestimate the value of your belongings when you take out insurance to be sure of being properly compensated in the event of a claim.

  • How do I get my insurance certificate?

    Once you have subscribed, your insurance certificate is automatically sent to you by e-mail by Luko. Alternatively, you can download it directly from your personal space. With other insurers, it can be sent to you by e-mail or by post on request.

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