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A quick refund is good. Preventing claims from happening is even better. Get peace of mind with our prevention measures.

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Better safe than sorry

We are committed to helping you avoid hitches and make tomorrow's world safer. Of course, these services are already included in our contracts.

Our protection technologies in action

Helping you prevent claims is our priority. That's why we have decided to develop technologies that help prevent the main damages affecting homes: water damage, burglaries and fires.

  • Luko Door


    Attached to your front door, it analyzes movements and vibrations. It warns you in case of intrusion or if you forget to lock your door.

  • Luko Elec


    Connected to your power meter, it helps you keep track of your consumption. You are alerted if a dangerous appliance stays on too long.

  • Luko Water


    Clamped on your water inlet, it detects leaks.
    You also get advices on how to optimize your water consumption.

One app to control them all

  • Quick 2 minutes installation

  • Become an actor of your energy consumption

  • Get real time alerts

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Thibaut Bayart


La palme du service client efficace à @getluko qui fonctionne in app et le dimanche en quelques minutes. Bravo ! Je suis un client très satisfait et curieux de voir la suite notamment les capteurs ! Très belle boîte.

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The co-building at the core of our approach

We want to create a useful product that really meets your expectations. This is why we are making our technologies available to you while they are still in beta version. This way, you can test them and give us your feedback.

At Luko you are not just a contract number: you are part of the adventure.

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Luko and Netatmo by your side

The Netatmo Intelligent Video Alarm System is the ideal companion to protect your home. It's a win-win: if you equip your home with it, you won't pay the deductible in case of theft or burglary, and you get a 10% discount on your monthly premium at Luko.

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